...For Some Have Heard the Corwalch Sing...

...And Never Been the Same

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This is the user group for the web comic Corwalch.

Updates and info will be posted here, as will sketches and bits of blather about the worlds and story line and characters and stuff.

Corwalch updates on Tuesdays and Thursdays, a page at a time. It's a sci fi story set in the far future, when humans have spread far from Earth, colonizing other planets, creating new communities and new cultures. It follows three women who went to school together in one of the White Cities, and whose lives have taken them down three very different roads. This is not a gag strip or a humor strip, and it has a very definate beginning, middle, and end.

It also features adult content and concepts, so be prepared for that.

This is the first story I've tried to tell in this format, so please be patient with me. This project will be a learning experience for me. Feel free to offer suggestions and constructive criticism/advice.